Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Asantae is in pre-launch, but about to go live.

Hi Everyone,

My friend, Ted Tengan, just told me about Asantae, a new product that is about to go live in a few days. He is an independent rep for them and really seems excited about the company and the product.

He setup a site at http://your-health-info.com/asantae/ for people interested in learning more.

It does really look like a great product. He has a video on the page, that explains a lot about Asantae. Also, he told me about the compensation plan that the company is using to make sure as many people learn about Asanatae as possible.

Take a minute a view his site,
http://your-health-info.com/asantae/, I think that you will be quite empressed.

Make Today Count,


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