Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Great Free Report from the Super Affiliate Master, Ewen Chia

The last several weeks have been a very exciting time for me with my Internet business. You may have seen in a previous newsletter that I join Ewen Chia's Super Affiliate Cloning Program. It was a major investment in my online career and my wife had her reservations about me spending $1500 on a coaching program. I'm sure that you have been in the same situation too. The information and tools that I have received from Ewen has been worth many times the amount that I invested.

There has been so much information, it has almost been to much to absorb. Ewen shared with this group simple methods to create my own product and why we need to do it. Even free ways to create traffic to your website. Using some of the these methods, the website has an Alexa ranking about 200,000 and I have not even officially launched the site.

Ewen has allowed his "students" to share some of the information and bonuses with their own members. He has include his report: "How To Rapidly Create An 'Affiliate Mon.ey Machine' with This proven 7 Step System!" {!name}, even though this is a report, it is loaded with tons of great information.

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Also, just to keep you posted. My membership program is soon to begin its pre-launch phase. It will be using the Butterfly Marketing software and system. I will be giving my current members like you a chance first to become JV partners with a very nice on-going 60% commission. I'll keep you posted.

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Charlie Plyler

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