Wednesday, March 14, 2007

David Vallieres offers the real information that you need to succeed.

Let's talk frankly about email marketing for a minute. Many, many people predicted the death of email marketing due to the high rate of spam everyone is receiving, blogs taking over, etc.

It's NOT happening.

Email marketing through publishing an ezine or newsletter is still the king of marketing online and will be for a very long time.

Although you may not believe me, email marketing- the way David Vallieres does it - is extremely profitable - and the one and still, 'killer app' online that could make you wealthy. For example, he will show you ACTUAL results of 4 my own email marketing campaigns- One for my his own product and 3 affiliate products! He goes into details on how to write killer emails, how to send them, how to get them opened and how to CASH IN!.

For more details go to and

I have used David Vallieres courses for over a year. He shoots you straight and gives you the information that you need to build an online career. I have been lucky enough to have been one of 30 internet markters that will be able to offer his courses to you.

As an unannounced bonus, all of my members will also have David Vallieres private site included in their membership, for as long as they are a Nicheology101 member.

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